Survey Results DE

Number of respondents

31 responses.

Hearing Status

97% of the German respondents (grey) are deaf, 3% are hard of hearing.

Native signers?

Almost 80% of the German respondents (grey) learned to sign before age 11.

Do you teach the national sign language, or sign supported speech?

Almost all respondents teach German Sign Language, most at an advanced level (e.g. teaching in training programmes for sign language interpreters). Very few respondents teach LBG, “Signed German”.

Imagine: you can make 3 wishes for your work as a teacher. What do you wish for?

Most German respondents wish for more contacts with other sign language teachers.

Open question: Good examples, advice?

“To work with sign language teachers in a group because we can develop materials together.”

Open question: Barriers?

“There is a lack of interest from younger deaf people in our region to become sign language teachers. The preparation class for the state certification exam is expensive and has to be paid for privately.”



More results can be found elsewhere on the SignTeach website.

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