Survey Results UK

Number of respondents

24 respondents.

Hearing Status

All of the UK respondents (light blue) are deaf.

Native signers?

70% of the UK respondents learned to sign after age 3, but almost all did so before age 20.

How many hours do you teach, per month?

Most UK respondents do not teach sign language full time.

Who do you teach, most of the time?

The UK respondents also teach deaf learners (33%).

Open question: Good examples, advice?

“Sign Language teachers should have opportunities to work together, to discuss many issues, and to attend some seminars, courses or conferences for professional developments. we also need an online resource centre to share our teaching experiences and outcomes with examples, exchange teaching materials, do some teacher exchange activities, and to support each other.”

Open question: Barriers?

“Due cutback and zero hours contract.”

“Sometimes different cultures have different signs which they find is not suitable due to their religions”

More results can be found elsewhere on the SignTeach website.

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