Sign Language Course for Families (Int. Sign)

Creative Commons-Licentie Júlia Hreinsdóttir, Uldis Ozols, SHH, November 2016, 

The podcast explains the structure of Sign Languages for families.

Once a month deaf and hard of hearing children and their families from all over Iceland come to the Communication Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Reykjavík. The adults are divided into three groups depending on their competence in Icelandic sign language (ÍTM) and are taught ÍTM ranging from A1-B1 CEFR levels. The goal is to teach the adults ÍTM but also to give them the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss their situation.

While the adults are learning the children, both deaf or hard of hearing themeselves and their siblings, nieces and nephews are given different kinds of projects, mainly art projects and they also go outside to play. Meanwhile they learn how to communicate with each other and the instuctors in ÍTM.

The goal is to make a sign language invironment for the children. All personnel working in the sign language course can communicate in ÍTM.  

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