„Sign Together“: Linguistic Experience for Children through Fluent Signers (Int. Sign)

Creative Commons-LicentieJúlia Hreinsdóttir, Uldis Ozols, SHH, November 2016, www.signteach.eu 

The podcast explains the structure of the project Sign together at the Communication Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Iceland.

Once a week deaf and hard of hearing children come to the Centre for a linguistic experience through fluent signers. The children are aged 4-18 and come from both kindergarten and elementary schools.

The goal of Sign together is not to teach Icelandic sign language (ÍTM) but to encourage the children to communicate in ÍTM, to learn about Deaf culture and be more aware of their inheritage and Deaf identity, to work with Theory of Mind and empathy amongst the children and to make a sign language invironment for the children.

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