CEFR assessment for parents of deaf children (Int. Sign)

Creative Commons-LicentieJoni Oyserman, Mathilde de Geus, Signhands, November 2016, www.signteach.eu 

CEFR assessment for parents of deaf children

Hearing parents of deaf and hard of hearing children in the Netherlands who learn Sign Language of the Netherlands (SLN) are a special group with a different focus.
Compared to other second language learners such as interpreters they have their own unique learning needs when picking up their parental responsibility and construct life long optimal communication with their (young) deaf child.
Parents need to develop long term communicative competences for meeting everyday family communication needs. With other words: they live with a deaf child, 24 hours long and 7 days (24/7).
Interpreters are working purely within translating communication settings as a conversation outsider. Compared, SL needs of parents and interpreters are not the same.

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