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Alphabet Games

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Alphabet stories, or ABC stories are stories or poems in sign language, told by a signer who uses only the handshapes of the handalphabet, in the correct order! Below is an ASL example.

Telling a sign language story may be too difficult for many sign language learners, but you can use the same idear, for an easier language game:

  • Line up all learners; the first person has to think of a sign that uses the A-handshape, the second person in line: a sign with the B-handshape, etc. You can make it more difficult, by asking for specific signs: Animals, things you can eat or drink, etc.
  • Ask a volunteer to make the first sign (A-handshape) in front of the class. Then, ask if someone can think up the nex sign in the story or poem, with the B-handshape, etc. Have all volunteers line up. After a new sign has been added, ask all signers to repeat their sign, and watch the ABC story or poem grow!