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There are many different ways to play this game. What you need: bingo-cards with numbers, or letters or pictures for the learners. Best: different letters, or numbers or pictures on each card. Maybe 6 or 8 numbers, letters or pictures on each card.

You also need small cards with only 1 of the numbers, or letters, or pictures, in a box. 

Each learner has a bingo-card, and a pen or pencil.

The leader draws one small card from the box, and signs what is on the card: "7", or "C", or "SNAKE". All learners check their cards: if they have this item, they can mark it on their card. The learner who is the first one to have a full card (= all items marked) is the winner. 

You can buy Bingo or make your own.

Use Google (search for pictures) to find bingo cards. here is one for animals