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I spy....

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I SPY .. is a guessing game.

One person looks for something in the classroom, that is visible: a book, a table, maybe one of the other learners. He or she signs... I SPY ... and then some clue. NOT the name of the thing or person! A clue can be the colour, the size, maybe the handshape of the sign. 

The other learners try to guess the answer. They can ask for more clues: A PERSON? OLD?  etc., The leader can only respond with YES or NO. All learners can ask questions, until someone guesses correctly. This person can then be the leader: I SPY... 

You can make the game more exciting, by allowing each learner to ask only 3 questions. Or: learners can only ask a question, when it is their turn. After you've asked your question, you have to wait until everyone has had a turn. If you know the answer, you still have to wait for your turn, before you can say it!

You can also make the game more difficult, by using posters or slides with a lot of objects on it, for instance a poster of a farm with a lot of farm animals, or a poster of a city with a lot of people and traffic, etc.