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Role play

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Role play usually means: asking the learners to act out an everyday scenario, as if they are actors in a play. For instance:

  • Pretend that you are in a restaurant. One learner is the waiter, one or several other learners play the guests. So: ask for the menu, order something to drink, etc. Other learners watch, can comment, direct, etc. 
  • Pretend that you are driving in a car, and you were going too fast. You are stopped by a policeman. What do you sign?

You can make role play more fun - and more challenging - by asking learners to improvise. Write a number of roles / locations / tasks on pieces of paper, or use pictures. Put all pieces of paper or pictures in a box, and ask the learners to pick one, without looking. 

Then, ask them to play out their roles. You can make it more difficult, by asking the learners not to tell the others, what is on their paper. Or: make it easier by allowing them to discuss and practice their play, before they present it to the group.