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Ask the learners to stand in 2 lines, facing each other. It can be a straight line or a circle, depending on how much space you have.

Each pair can 'speed-date', for 2 (5?) minutes. After 2 (5?) minutes, you wave your arms, or you  switch the light off/on, and learners in one line move on to the next partner.

When everyone has talked to everyone else, you ask the learners to report back to the class. You can do this by asking questions: "Who knows how old John is?", "Who knows John's name-sign?" etc. etc.

Or: you ask the learners to introduce each other: "This is John. His name-sign is ... I forgot to ask how old he is."  Then you can ask if someone else knows John's age. etc. 

Or: you make it a guessing game. Before you start the speed-dating, each learner has to think of a secret animal (or country, or food, or famous person, or ....) .

During the speed-dating, the learners try to discover what their partner's secret animal (country, food, person) is.

When everyone has talked to everyone else, you ask the learners to come to the front of the class one by one, and you ask the other learners what they think the secret animal of this person is. The learner who guesses the most secrets correctly, is the winner.